Business Portfolio
We have a diversified portfolio of not only developing spaces dedicated to single uses such as Residential Properties, Commercial Properties alone, but also to develop schemes that include Residential, Commercial and Retail facilities that will create a Sustainable Integrated Mixed Use Community. Our main products and services are as follows:

In the Residential Property Business, we are committed on Developing, Selling and Managing a diversified portfolio of residential properties which include Apartments, Villas and Penthouses with modern amenities

In the Commercial Property Business, we are focused on constructing star hotels and resorts with a view to promote ‘Experiential’ tourism targeted towards a wide range of customers from all over the world

Sustainable Integrated Green Township, which offers a ranges of residences with facilities of a Townships.

Property/Project Management Services, which offers Projects Planning and Management services, Property services and Estate Management for different projects.

We are also destined to leave our own imprints of architectural designs through historical and monumental works for you can always trust this symbol of architectural civilization Vasthuhara.
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