The scenic, pristine, picturesque ‘Thirunelli’, situated at the heart of Brahmagiri valley amidst the forested region of Wayanad district of Kerala near Karnataka border, is enriched by mysterious mountains, exotic wild life and evergreen thick forests. The ancient and famous Thirunelli Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is enshrined on the lush green side of Brahmagiri hills.

Thirunelli is the historical holy land where Lord Brahma performed Yaga (the offering to the god of fire). The river Paapanasini (the eliminator of sins) which is said to be the bain of lord Vishnu is emanating from the heart of Brahmagiri flowing through roots, leaves and flowers of ancient trees and medicinal herbs. Papanasini is a holy mountain stream and a dip in the cold Papanasini waters is enough to wash away all sins committed in a lifetime. It is further believed that Papanasini is the confluence of the rivers Ganges and Saraswathy. Naturally, this place always attracts thousands of pilgrims as well as tourists.

The Thirunelli Mahavishnu temple is popular for the rituals in Hindu religion such as ancestral sacrifices and prayers for Moksha (ultimate freedom from the cycle of life and death). Thirunelli is famous as the destination to perform last rites of the deceased at the rock close to Papanasini stream. The ashes of famous Indian political leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was immersed here in the Thirunelli River.

The famous wildlife sanctuary of Tholppetti and Rajiv Gandhi National park of Nagarhola is situated nearby. The forest of Thirunelli is a tourist destination with its rich flora and fauna covering animals like elephant, gaur, deer, stag, various species of monkeys, rabbits, bears, tigers, birds like peacock, jungle fowl, a huge collection of butterflies, plants which have medicinal effects and age old trees like teak, Rosewood, Blackwood etc. Tea, Coffee, Orange Plantations, eye-catching waterfalls and dams adds beauty to Thirunelli which are open to tourists.

Considered a destination of immense beauty and drawn by the divine power of it's deity, visitors stream to Thirunelli throughout the year From the study conducted by the professional team of Vasthuhara. It was found that as the number of pilgrims and tourists is increasing every year sufficient residential facilities are not available. The stakeholders are hereby informed that, with this in mind Vasthuhara has bought one acre of land within a distance of 100 mts. from Thirunelli temple and launched our project successfully.

Vasthuhara has selected a location where the wildlife tourism can be promoted with temple tourism. We are planning to develop fully furnished service/hotel apartments with Balcony to enjoy the natural view. The property combines the feel of wilderness and spirituality as things can’t get greener in this part of the world.

With due value given to the stake holders’ investments, company has decided to run a Daily Rental Programme. In this context, the buyer can expect an average of 20 days renting i.e. 20x2000/- will be Rs.40000/- a month. Thus a buyer gains a good income every month after deducting a mere amount as service charges.

Since we have ongoing projects at Guruvayur and Mookambika people staying at our Vijayambari Vasthugramam will have a link of stay in the other two places and this will tremendously increase the income of the owner. The management of Vasthuhara is dedicated to achieve this. Our aim is to fulfill the following quote “You dream it, we fulfill it”