Vasthuhara Developers and Real Estate Ltd. is an organization born out of people's shares. The prime aim of this organization is to bring the possibilities of investing in real estate to common man and to give a mean for them to obtain a high income out of it. Programs that utilize the latest technical innovations, market survey and research, professional management, challenging all the global market depressions - these are a few of the many features that fosters the growth of Vasthuhara Developers, which is a public limited company. Our new project "CACATTE VASTHUGRAMAM" is one such idea that can definitely give you a good return for your money.

We envision a D.R.P (Daily Rental Programme) that can have a fixed income and provide complete security for your money.

In a temple town like Mookambika where there is an ever increasing number of pilgrims and tourists, the existing places of stay does not fully address the needs of people. There are no Hi-Style hotels with VIP accommodation at Mookambika. And moreover it is difficult to get even an ordinary accommodation on auspicious days and weekends. During the eve of school vacations and gulf vacations, rooms may not be available at all. So from all this aspect, it is clear that our rooms will be occupied in an average of 20 days per month and also it is sure that we can rent it out at a rate of Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- So the owner can get a minimum income of Rs.50000/- to Rs.70000/- for 20 days occupancy. Only a mere amount will be deducted as service charges from this and thus the buyer will gain a fair amount of income every month. The number of North Indian pilgrims is expected to increase when the railway implements its new projects in this area. Our CACATTE VASTHUGRAMAM D.R.P program ensures monthly income and an extra value added to their hard work. Since we have ongoing projects at Guruvayur and Thirunelli people staying at our Cacatte will have a link of stay in the other two places and this will tremendously increase the income of the owner. The management of Vasthuhara is dedicated to achieve this. Our aim is to fulfill the following quote “You dream it, we fulfill it”